GUID(LSID)-2 Workshop

Lee Belbin leebel at NETSPACE.NET.AU
Wed Apr 5 12:31:36 CEST 2006

Hi Folks

The second GUID workshop is going to be hosted by eSI in Edinburgh June
10-12. As the details emerge, I'll add them to the Wiki-

The current game plan is to derive a set of recommendations from the tasks
within the Infrastructure and Prototyping Working Groups. It would be good
if the Task Coordinators could circulate any recommendations (as dot points)
before June 3. This gives us a week for consideration.

The second workshop has 4 tasks-

1. Report findings

2. Refine recommendations

3. (Briefly) justify the recommendations (so that future readers could
follow the logic) and

4. Design an implementation plan.

I've been going through the tasks on the Wiki and note that 9 still do not
have a coordinator. A few have a coordinator, but either there hasn't been
any activity, or the Wiki hasn't been updated.

It would be good if the load could be spread as I know that everyone is busy
with their day job. If you know of someone who could advance any of the
tasks, please let them loose. Which of these tasks is a real priority and
which ones should be dropped or reduced?

Infrastructure Working group

#         Task                 Coordinator
-         ----                 -----------

2.  LSIDLongTermArchival          NONE
3.  GUIDRegistrationAuthority     NONE
4.  GUIDOrphanDatasets            NONE
7.  GUIDAnnotationAndLinkOut      NONE
8.  GUIDOutreach                  NONE
10. LSIDSpecificationReview       Ricardo Pereira

Prototyping Working Group

1.  LSIDResolverForTaxonNamesIPNI Roger Hyam
2.  LSIDResolverForSpecimens      Steve Perry
4.  LSIDResolverForObservations   NONE?
7.  LSIDResolverMorphbank         Greg Riccardi
8.  LSIDScalabilityTesting        NONE
9.  LSIDBasedIntegrationAntsDemo  NONE
10. LSIDSEEKTaxonResolutionServer NONE

If there is anything that I may be able to do to help, please let me know.


Lee Belbin
Manager, TDWG Infrastructure Project
Email: lee at
Phone: +61(0)419 374 133

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