prototype LSID resolver for observations

Matt Jones jones at NCEAS.UCSB.EDU
Fri Apr 14 07:34:55 CEST 2006


We've been working on an LSID resolver prototype for observational data
that is described using Ecological Metadata Language.  During the last
GUID meeting I said I would work on this, and we have made some
progress, although the demo is currently without data (we'll fix that
soon over the next few days).  The resolver is located at "", and
the data that has LSIDs can be found using the web interface at  Wait a couple of days for us to populate the
server with data and the demo will be more interesting.  We'll
eventually also install this demo on our KNB network
(, which currently contains over 5000
observational datasets and their associated EML metadata.

I've described some of our work, including various existing bugs in our
resolver, on the GUID wiki here:

I won't be able to make the next GUID meeting, but I am hoping to stay
involved with this project as it evolves.


PS Rods LSID tester has been very useful in showing that we still have a
number of bugs in our resolver, especially with our SOAP methods. Thanks!
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