[tdwg-tapir] Use of XML Spy diagrams in specifications or documents

Javier de la Torre jatorre at gmail.com
Tue Apr 25 20:36:43 CEST 2006

Dear all,

During the Edinburgh meeting we had problems defining the way we were  
going to communicate to develop a core of clases-ontology-list- 
whatever for TDWG.

While reading the OpenGIS Sensor Observation Service (SOS)  
Implementation Specification I have found that they seem to have the  
same problem of people very used to XML Spy and its XML Schema  
representation for modeling. They enforce the use of UML diagrams but  
use XML Spy diagrams for clarification.

"5.2 UML Notation
Most diagrams that appear in this specification are presented using  
the Unified Modeling
Language (UML) static structure diagram, as described in Subclause  
5.2 of [OGC 05-
5.3 XML schema notation
Most diagrams that appear in this specification are presented using  
an XML schema
notation defined by the XMLSpy1 product and described in this  
subclause. XML schema
diagrams are for informative use only though they shall reflect the  
accompanied UML
and schema perfectly.

And then continue explaining the different things that appear on an  
XML Spy diagram (elements, optionality, recursion, sequence, choices,  

I am sending this to the TAPIR mailing list because I think this  
could be really useful for the specification document. We can just  
point to them and we don't need to describe all this :)

The document I am talking about can be found at:


And is in its RPC process right now.


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