Different reasons for different GUIDs

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I think that in practice the potential taxon sensu Berendsohn (1995) is
precisely what TDWG has primarily been addressing in recent discussion of
taxon concepts.  TCS can accommodate expression of other mechanisms for
defining taxon concepts but does not (at least yet) do much to allow us to
reason about them.

I agree that we should be aiming to create tools that wherever possible can
give us an assessment of which taxon potential taxa cluster closely enough
that we can treat them as a 'granule'.  That is a further challenge and one
that will probably largely depend on what sort of information taxonomists
and others are really prepared to put into a standard like TCS.

I also note that the subject I raised in my previous e-mail was well
addressed (with support on both sides) by earlier posts from Rich and Peter.
My fault for responding to something while still reading.


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Donald and all,

> However there is probably insufficient benefit for
> us to gain from having a system where strong GUIDs are assigned to every
> taxon concept that any provider wishes to reference.

Exrepssion "every taxon concept" implies that we can establish identity
of taxon concept.  I don't think it is possible execpt potential taxon
sensu Brendsohn (1995), i.e. combination of name string and publication.
What we need for the benefit 3 is not GUID of 'each' taxcon cocnept
but a mechanism to give an approxiamtion of a taxon concept/taxon
concepts (I'm not convince how can I count taxon concepts) can be used
as a granule.

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