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Roderic Page at BIO.GLA.AC.UK
Tue Sep 27 13:44:26 CEST 2005

The SourceForge site ( ) does contain quite 
a bit of background on the project, and some examples of how to 
implement clients and servers.

At least some of the code is in production use. The web resolver 
provided by ( ) 
uses IBM's Perl code. The LTER LSID authority 
( ) builds on IBM's Java code. I'm 
assuming that BioMoby and Taverna are built on IBM's code. I also use 
LSIDs in my Taxonomic Search Engine.

One can also gauge activity from browsing the CVS repository at 
SourceForge ( ). Most 
commits happened two years ago, but there are more recent commits 
(e.g., 7 days ago). This suggests IBM is still doing some work on it.

Lastly, LSIDs are mentioned in a recent article on the Semantic Web and 
life sciences (



On 27 Sep 2005, at 09:44, Robert Huber wrote:

> Dear all,
> I wonder a bit about the status of LSID. Some links lead to a 
> sourcefourge site, but there
> is little or no information there. Some googling brougt me to a former 
> IBM site and to some
> projects (these are also at the WIKI) which seem to promote and/or use 
> LSIDs.
> I am now a bit confused and would like to know how you judge the 
> current status of the LSID
> system? Did it ever reach production status, is it still maintained 
> and did this system ever leave
> the project status?
> best regards,
> Dr. Robert Huber
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