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Roger Hyam roger at tdwg.org
Thu Nov 3 14:16:34 CET 2005

I am a little confused as to what is included in the capabilities 
response under capabilities/schemas/schema.

The annotation says:

"Each known and mapped concept of a schema listed with a boolean flag 
indicating if its searchable (default = true)."

I have a genus field in my database and I map it to the following concept:

<concept path="/DataSet/TaxonNames/TaxonName/CanonicalName/Genus" 
searchable="true" />

Should I also include the parent concepts:

<concept path="/DataSet/TaxonNames/TaxonName/CanonicalName" 
searchable="false" />
<concept path="/DataSet/TaxonNames/TaxonName" searchable="false" />
<concept path="/DataSet/TaxonNames" searchable="false" />
<concept path="/DataSet" searchable="false" />

or are they implied? I presume if they are included then they aren't 
searchable as they can't be used to build filters.

Does this:

<concept path="/DataSet/TaxonNames/TaxonName/CanonicalName/Genus" 
searchable="true" />


    * This concept has been mapped to data and can be used in arbitrary
      response structures and filters in combination with concepts from
      any of the other conceptual schemas listed in here.

If so is the entire schemas section of capabilities response optional if 
arbitrary views are not supported? Both the schemas and concepts are 
given in views anyhow - so do we need to list them here?

Your thoughts most appreciated - I may just have the wrong end of the stick.



 Roger Hyam
 Technical Architect
 Taxonomic Databases Working Group
 roger at tdwg.org
 +44 1578 722782

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