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Renato De Giovanni renato at cria.org.br
Thu Nov 3 17:03:47 CET 2005


Just to add a few comments about the subject...
The idea of TapirLite did change a bit the way that the protocol has 
been originally conceived, so I think it's important to do that kind 
of revision in some parts of it.

I can see that a list of mapped concepts can be more useful if 
dynamic searches or inventories are allowed. But even for TapirLite, 
it could be interesting to advertise which globally understood 
concepts map to local data. So, yes, there could be cases when some 
concepts are advertised but are not used by any of the static views. 
But I suppose that this information could be of interest to view 
writers, for example. Especially if we're thinking about well-defined 
view libraries being prepared by someone.

I can't think of any other reasons right now, but I believe there's a 
value in knowing what parts of a global data model are "potentially" 
accessible from a particular data provider...


On 3 Nov 2005 at 16:20, Döring, Markus wrote:

> Roger,
> you are right in your core thoughts.
> If we do not allow dynamic views we dont need to expose the mapped
> conceptual schema "concepts". But thats only the case if we treat 
> static views as the source of our concepts. So yuo would have to 
> only those static view concepts (may I call them "local" concepts 
> defined in the local/inline view) in your request for filters. You
> couldnt request a darwincore record and specify a filter from abcd 
> example.
> One more thing about the concepts: their id or "path" attribute 
> like an xpath, but it is not! It is treated as a unique string and
> nothing more. So there is no implied parent/child relationship 
> any concepts - they are just a list of independent ids.
> If a concept is searchable (default=true), then you can use it in a
> filter. If its not searchable, you can still use it in the response
> structure! Theres another attribute called mandatory which a 
> can set to indicate that this concept is required to be rpesent in 
> response structure. Useful to force people to include some IPR for
> example.
> Markus

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