Topic 3: GUIDs for Taxon Names and Taxon Concepts - Maybe ...

Kennedy, Jessie J.Kennedy at NAPIER.AC.UK
Fri Nov 4 14:18:08 CET 2005

Hi Rich

You definitely should be in bed!!! but not because of your input -
amazes me how you manage to keep  as clear as you do given the time ....

> I did not mean to insinuate that *all* usages should be thought of as
> concepts. Like you said -- for another discussion elsewhere.

> > I agree with Sally that we should have Nomenclators provide GUIDs
> Taxon_Names but
> > would be more strict and say that these names should have only one
> and that the GUID
> > should always resolve to exactly the same name. So IPNI would be
> names, Index
> > fugorum fungi names, zoobank when available animal names etc. and
> we
> should
> > share the resource of fixing this rather than duplicating effort (if
> had
> any
> > resource to give;-) ) IPNI and IF wouldn't overlap in names.
> This is congruent with my thinking.  But are you comfortable with
> different nomenclators having different definitions of a "name"? Might
> make
> it hard to pool cross-nomenclator data.

I'd prefer they used the same definitions of a name for exchanging data
but don't especially mind how they represent it in their system....but
that might cause other problems....

Good night..........

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