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Roger, I dont think there is a problem in pasing multiple values for the same parameter name. Like for multi select boxes in html you can pass the same parameter several times with different value. Et voila, the IN operator has several arguments.

For example:


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The place where we need to pass the array of string is in passing a set of IDs to retrieve multiple objects so there is no need for a likeAny operator I don't think. An In operator does the job. What is difficult is how we pass in the values in a URL. Perhaps there should be a requirement for multiple occurrences of the same parameter to be concatenated together in some useful ways - to build and IN.

Parameters other than the IDs for these calls are just ANDed together.

When I stipulates the passing of an array like that it was because I envisaged a client crawling a resource. The client would typically retrieve an object (or objects) then want to get a set of related objects. Being able to pass a list saves making multiple calls.

It may be kinder to the publisher to only get one object by id at a time. It would be easier to implement and would entail less work per call but more calls.

Simplicity would dictate change the API not to have arrays like this.

I'll have a think about it next time I look at the API. It may be easier to change the API than Tapir but I am not clear how one would pass a list of parameters to a Tapir IN at the moment anyhow.


Döring, Markus wrote: 

	Renato & Roger,
	 would it make sense to have a new unbound "likeAny" operator that works like an IN but does a like instead of an equals behind the scenes?
	Then you could just pass an array of string arguments for like or equal comparisons just with the same GET paramter name. E.g. 
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	Hi Roger,
	I looked at the API and apparently it seems to be consistent with the TapirLite idea, although there are still lots of things that I still need to learn about the TCS world.
	The only thing is that you frequently define parameter types as "Array of Strings", and we don't have that notion in the protocol. 
	As far as I know, the only way to do this with the current parameterised Tapir filters is to limit the parameter to a single string value (and then make several requests), or define a filter with several conditions referencing different string parameters (like name1, name2, etc) all joined by ORs.
	Another possibility would be to change the "in" operator and make it accept not only literal values but also a parameter that could be expanded according to the number of associated values. It looks more elegant but needs a small change in the protocol (and additional notes in the specification).
	On 28 Nov 2005 at 10:54, Roger Hyam wrote:

		Hi Everyone,
		I have been doing some work on a TaxonAPI. This is a high/low 
		definition of the kind of thing I believe people publishing taxonomic 
		data need to produce and people consuming it need to eat based on the 
		work I have been involved in on TCS.
		It is framed as if it were a web service type of thing but I imagine 
		that each of the method calls mentioned could equate to a Tapir 
		template of some kind. I imagine a template containing a parameterized 
		filter (not sure if those exist anymore).
		This is still work in progress as I need to define the list of 
		parameters more closely and sort the greater than/less than issue for 
		dates and a few other bits. Plus no one has seen it to comment on!
		You can read more about it here:
		I would be most grateful for your comments.
		How does this fit with Tapir?

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