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Donald Hobern dhobern at gbif.org
Tue Dec 6 14:54:05 CET 2005


If it helps, these are just about the only requests I issue to index and
subsequently re-access data from DiGIR-DwC providers:

Get metadata;
Scan values (and counts) for ScientificName values;
Scan values (and counts) for CatalogNumber values (rarely);
Scan values (and counts) for Country values (very rarely);
Search for records (full DwC) where ScientificName>=n1 and
Search for records (full DwC) where ScientificName=n1;
Search for records (full DwC) where CatalogNumber>=n1 and CatalogNumber<=n2;
Search for records (full DwC) where CatalogNumber=n1;
Search fir record(s) (full DwC) where CatalogNumber=n1 and
InstitutionCode=i1 and CollectionCode=i2;

For BioCASe providers, I issue directly equivalent requests (UnitId for
CatalogNumber, etc.), and also:

Scan values for SourceInstitutionCode.


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Hi Everyone,

I have mentioned this before in another context but now I am coming to 
the same place from a different direction.

I am building scenarios and use cases for the standards architecture and 
it would be good to see how current standards are used.

Does anyone have any logs of the kinds of queries and responses that are 
actually being asked of BioCase and DiGIR providers? Or can anyone 
suggest who I could approach to get examples of logs?

Many thanks,



 Roger Hyam
 Technical Architect
 Taxonomic Databases Working Group
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