[tdwg-humboldt] Survey types used in BioCollect platform so far

Brenton, Peter (NCMI, Black Mountain) Peter.Brenton at csiro.au
Wed Dec 16 14:09:07 UTC 2020

Great meeting everyone,

Here is our current list of survey types:

Air quality - Fixed sensor,Air quality - Mobile sensor,Bat survey - Echolocation recorder,Bat survey - Harp trapping,Beach profile survey - Emery method,Beach profile survey - Optical method,Bird survey - Distance sample (along transect),Bird survey - Fixed-area,Bird survey - Fixed-time,Bird survey - Fixed-time & Fixed-area,Bird survey - Mist netting,Fauna survey - 2-Ha track plot method,Fauna survey - Active search,Fauna survey - Aerial distance sampler method,Fauna survey - Cage trapping,Fauna survey - Call playback,Fauna survey - Camera trapping,Fauna survey - Elliot trapping,Fauna survey - Funnel trapping,Fauna survey - Hair tubes,Fauna survey - Nest box monitoring,Fauna survey - Pitfall trapping,Fauna survey - Scat survey,Fauna survey - Spotlight search,Fauna survey - Strip transect aerial survey,Fauna survey - Turtle trapping,Fish survey - Electrofishing,Fish survey - Set net/trap,Fish survey - Sweep netting,Insect survey - Black light,Insect survey - Malaise trap,Insect survey - Baited trap,Insect survey - Glue trap,Insect survey - Sweep netting,Plant propagation - Systematic seed propagation batch testing with different techniques,Vegetation condition assessment - Biocondition (QLD),Vegetation condition assessment - BioMetric (NSW),Vegetation condition assessment - Bushland Condition (SA),Vegetation condition assessment - Expert elicitation,Vegetation condition assessment - Habitat Hectares (VIC),Vegetation condition assessment - LEBRA,Vegetation condition assessment - TasVeg (TAS),Vegetation condition assessment - Post fire - Simple Photo Protocol,Vegetation survey - General transect & plot,Vegetation survey - Intensive inventory,Vegetation survey - Step point method,Water quality - Standardised physical/chemical attribute measurements,Water quality - Macroinvertebrate survey - SIGNAL2 method,Water quality - Macroinvertebrate survey - ALT method,Riparian condition assessment - Rapid Appraisal of Riparian Condition (RARC)

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