[tdwg-content] Humboldt Extension Public Review 2023-09-04

John Wieczorek gtuco.btuco at gmail.com
Mon Oct 2 21:49:55 UTC 2023

Dear all,

We are currently 30 days into the public review of the Humboldt Extension
for ecological inventories. There are no outstanding issues at the moment,
so the date for closure of the public review will be 16 October, 30 days
after the last activity that proposed any changes to the original
proposals, unless further suggestions for changes are put forth.

If the Humboldt Extension is important to your work and you have not had a
chance to assess it, please do. The best entry point into the Humboldt
Extension is its landing page at https://tdwg.github.io/hc/.


The Humboldt Extension Task Group
The Darwin Core Maintenance Team
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