[tdwg-content] New controlled vocabularies and terms added to Audubon Core

Baskauf, Steven James steve.baskauf at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Oct 29 18:20:54 UTC 2020

On 2020-10-13, the Executive Committee approved three new Audubon Core terms: ac:freqHigh, ac:freqLow, and the imported term mo:sample_rate. These terms will allow Audubon Core to better express terms related to sound recordings.

Three new controlled vocabularies were also approved at that time. They were controlled vocabularies for ac:variant, ac:subtype, and dcterms:format (as well as their literal valued analogs). These controlled vocabularies should allow media producers and consumers to more unambiguously express the nature of the content they provide/consume.

To view these new terms and vocabularies, visit the following list of terms documents:

One of our goals for the near future is to make translations of the controlled vocabularies available to the community. If you have the technical knowledge to translate any of these controlled vocabularies into any non-English language, please contact me to talk about how to make that happen.

Thanks to the Audubon Core Maintenance Group for its work to make these changes a reality!

Steve Baskauf
Audubon Core Maintenance Group convener

Steven J. Baskauf, Ph.D.
Data Science and Data Curation Specialist
Jean & Alexander Heard Libraries, Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37235, USA

Office: Eskind Biomedical Library, EMB 111
Phone: (615) 343-4582

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