[tdwg-content] Call for Abstracts: Visions Needed for SPNHC Symposium on the Evolution of Collections Management

Deborah Paul dpaul at fsu.edu
Thu Jan 9 21:43:35 UTC 2020

Happy New Year 2020 to all TDWG folks!

RE: seeking abstracts for SPNHC 2020 symposium
RE: the Evolution of Collections Management and the Biodiversity Data Lifecycle

  *   Do you expect your biocollections (or related) job/career to be the same in 5 to 10 to 50 years?
  *   In an idea future world, what are the roles and desires of biocollections professionals and institutions?
  *   What needs can you foresee now for biocollections software, data and specimen storage and access, staffing, hardware, leadership?
  *   Do you have a vision for the future of biocollections management in the biodiversity data lifecycle, and the leadership and resources we need to achieve it?

At SPNHC and ICOM NATHIST 2020 (in June 2020), we have one open session in the symposium "S7.1 Evolution of Collections Management and the Biodiversity Data Lifecycle." We are inviting speakers to share their ideas. Interested in submitting an abstract? Please:

  1.  read the entire symposium abstract<http://www.spnhc-icomnathist2020.com/s7-1envisioning-collections-management-for-the-evolving-biodiversity-data-lifecycle/> for details
  2.  send us any questions
  3.  register to attend SPNHC 2020 (http://www.spnhc-icomnathist2020.com/registration/) and submit your abstract here (http://www.spnhc-icomnathist2020.com/abstract-submissions/).

In search of inspiration, wisdom, and imagination,
The S7.1 Planning Team

Please Note: Successful abstracts will be visionary and inspiring, looking to the future and not contemplating the issues of today (i.e., not a whine/whinge fest) ;-)

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