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Kim Mortimer K.Mortimer at dal.ca
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Hi all,

This is a follow up to an earlier email I sent to the list, and I'm hoping someone new might read this and have ideas.

The official Darwin Core XML Schema Definition for Darwin Core Terms (https://dwc.tdwg.org/xml/tdwg_dwcterms.xsd) makes reference at line 63 in a comment to a dublin_core.xsd file, which in my estimation is a modified dcterms.xsd from Qualified Dublin Core. Unfortunately I can't find any dublin_core.xsd files through the dwc.tdwg.org site or Github to confirm this.

I'm currently working on implementing Darwin Core into a GeoNetwork plugin using these XML Schema Definitions and I believe this dublin_core.xsd file explains an issue we had. Specifically, using the files specified in https://dwc.tdwg.org/xml/tdwg_dwcterms.xsd in our plugin results in dcterms namespace elements (e.g., dcterms:type) not being recognized as record level terms.

Based on line 63 of https://dwc.tdwg.org/xml/tdwg_dwcterms.xsd, my guess is that dublin_core.xsd is (was?) a modified Qualified Dublin Core dcterms.xsd where the element declarations are changed to, for example, <xs:element name="modified" substitutionGroup="dwc:anyRecordLevelTerm"/> INSTEAD OF <xs:element name="modified" substitutionGroup="dcterms:date"/>

I'm hoping someone on this mailing list might know whether this is true, or know of whether dublin_core.xsd exists in the format I predict.

Thanks very much for your time,


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