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Hi Steve, Matt, et al

On 2017-03-14 7:00 AM, tdwg-content-request at lists.tdwg.org wrote:
> We are now midway through the 30 day public comment period on the SDS and so
> far, that issue has not come up.  I was recently listening to the recording
> of John Wieczorek's nice Darwin Core Hour presentation on controlled
> vocabularies and it was apparent to me that the creation of controlled
> vocabularies is an issue of interest to many in the community.  So I've
> written a blog post
> (http://baskauf.blogspot.com/2017/03/controlled-values-again.html) that
> attempts to explain in non-technical terms how the SDS specifies that
> controlled vocabularies should be expressed in machine-readable form.  For
> those who are interested in the gory details, I've also included at the end
> a more detailed explanation of the rationale for specifying that controlled
> vocabularies should, in most cases, be described as SKOS concept schemes
> rather than ontologies.
For those of you interested in the on-going controlled vocabularies 
discussion, please do come to the next iDigBio Darwin Core Hour, brought 
to you by the iDigBio Data Mgmt Interest Group. You'll discover a bit 
more about what's found in some of these 23 fields where dwc suggests 
use of a cv. Paula Zermoglio presents: Darwin Core Hour: Thousands of 
shades for “Controlled” Vocabularies 
Having TDWG members present at dwc hours is invaluable - as the broader 
community in the webinar strives to understand what the related data 
quality issues are, and what they can do about them at from their 
vantage point.
> If you care about the creation of controlled vocabularies, you should take a
> look at this post and create an official comment if there are things you
> don't like about the approach taken in the proposed specification.  Our
> review manager, Dag Endresen, has requested that issues be raised on the
> issue tracker athttps://github.com/tdwg/vocab/issues  .  However,
> historically back-and-forth discussion about proposed standards has also
> taken place on this list, so I think that responding here for clarification
> and discussion would be appropriate prior to submitting an official comment.
I'd also like to suggest if you think of a topic for another dwc hour / 
and you've someone in mind to present (yourself maybe?), please send us 
your ideas - using the Darwin Core Hour Input Form: 

Deb, et al in the iDigBio Data Mgmt Interest Group

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