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Fri Mar 3 03:07:43 CET 2017

Dear TDWG-Content(ed)

*Task Group 2 (Tests and Assertions) of the 'Data Quality' Interest Group
seek your comments.*

A select group of TDWGians (highlighted on the Members worksheet on the
link below) have invested time to produce what I am calling a *core suite
of standard tests and associated assertions that can be applied to
occurrence records*. These tests are to help identify potential occurrence
record issues.

Why are we doing this? Largely to try to better align Data Publishers/Data
Aggregators/Biodiversity Research Infrastructures/Data Custodians, and
hopefully anyone who generates occurrence data. Users would appreciate
consistency. A practical example: Merging records from say GBIF and the ALA
etc would be greatly facilitated if they both applied the same set of

As a start and to keep it simple, these tests are based on one or more
Darwin Core terms. We realize that tests could be applied to all Darwin
Core terms, but we wanted a core set that would cover the significant terms
that could be implemented relatively easily by all.

The spreadsheet can be found at *https://tinyurl.com/h49zwof*. Note that
this spreadsheet contains a series of worksheets. Please start by reviewing
the Principles as they provide a context for what has been learnt during
the process.

The main worksheet is "Tests-current". We have to start somewhere, and this
is the start.

*PLEASE: Only add comments on the tests/principles to the Comments
worksheet, but any additions to KEY references and tools worksheets would
also be appreciated.*

Comments would also be appreciated by 31/3/2017.


Lee Belbin
The Atlas of Living Australia
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