[tdwg-content] Questions without answers - oh no! Darwin Core Hour needs your help

Deborah Paul dpaul at fsu.edu
Wed Dec 6 17:00:56 UTC 2017

Hi Everyone,

It's your chance to make someone's day. Please help us tackle the 
backlog of questions we have in our Darwin Core Hour website. This is 
your opportunity to do a good deed and make someone happy at the same 
time. Sharing your expertise makes this project work. Thank you for your 
contribution. You can also help by passing along this note to others you 
know could answer these outstanding questions. If you feel you cannot 
answer a question fully, don't be shy - share the knowledge that you 
have anyway. Multiple people can answer the same question, each one 
contributing their grain of sand.

New Tickets Needing Answers 

Some of them are tangential to the Darwin Core Hour Scope - and so we 
need to do this outreach to help our community find the knowledge they 
need to support their data mobilization efforts. We very much appreciate 
your help. Please also consider joining our Darwin Core Hour Team for 2018.

Thank you, Muchas gracias, Kiitos paljon, Merci, Grazie, Domo arigato,  
Vielen Dank, Spasiba, ...
 From the Darwin Core Hour Team

please excuse cross-posting

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