[tdwg-content] RDF list of terms as organized in the dwc-assistant?

Matthew Blissett mblissett at gbif.org
Tue Nov 29 12:06:02 CET 2016


I'm not sure the DWCA assistant is a best practice, but I don't know of 
anything better for the job.  The source code is here: 

When it loads, it retrieves the list of extensions from here: 
http://gbrds.gbif.org/registry/extensions.json . This is also used by 
the GBIF IPT.  We have a regular cron job keeping it up to date.

Hope that helps,


On 29/11/16 03:48, Matt Yoder wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for the endpoint, I will have to play with it.  I think that I
> have returned, for practical purposes, the same set of results by
> parsing http://rs.gbif.org/core/dwc_occurrence_2015-07-02.xml.   Your
> concluding observations are right on point.  I want something more-
> the sets present in the assistant, available as some resource
> endpoint. I want to automatically generate Ruby constants, Rails
> migrations, rspec validators and more via a more or less self-updating
>   Ruby gem.  This let's me replicate the functionality in the assistant
> in a back end without having to guess what I should cover.
> It would seem that if the assistant is a best practice (and first step
> for many) towards getting others to using DWCAs then the metadata that
> drives that assistant should be available as a meta-standard of sorts?
> Is the source code to the assistant available somewhere?
> Thanks,
> Matt
>> I'm not sure that this query will actually do what you want, since the terms
>> in the various dropdowns in the DwC-A Assistant aren't strictly those whose
>> dwcattributes:organizedInClass properties have values that are the dropdown
>> category.  Also, the various extensions aren't there.  But your question is
>> a kind of use case that TDWG should think about supporting for
>> "enhancements" [2] to the basic DwC term vocabulary.
>> Steve
>> [1] https://github.com/tdwg/vocab/blob/master/documentation-specification.md
>> [2] see Section 4 (Vocabulary enhancements) of
>> https://github.com/tdwg/vocab/blob/master/maintenance-specification.md
>> Matt Yoder wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I was wondering if there is an RDF document like
>>> https://github.com/tdwg/dwc/blob/master/rdf/dwcterms.rdf that had
>>> something like the dwcattributes:organizedInClass therein such that I
>>> could query it to return terms as organized in the dwca-assistant
>>> (http://tools.gbif.org/dwca-assistant/)?
>>> In other words I want to return all terms under Core::Occurence,
>>> Core::Taxon, Core::Extensions::Foo etc.
>>> Thanks for your time,
>>> Matt
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