[tdwg-content] RDF list of terms as organized in the dwc-assistant?

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Mon Nov 28 23:30:45 CET 2016

Hi Matt,

If you actually want to make a SPARQL query, all of the Darwin Core 
terms are loaded into the triplestore that's queriable at the endpoint

You can run the query

PREFIX dcterms: <http://purl.org/dc/terms/>
PREFIX dwc: <http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/>
PREFIX dwcattributes: <http://rs.tdwg.org/dwc/terms/attributes/>

?term dwcattributes:organizedInClass dwc:Occurrence.
?term dcterms:hasVersion ?version.

and substitute any Darwin Core class in the place of dwc:Occurrrence.  
If you want to use the results in an application, you can make the 
request to the endpoint via HTTP GET like:


where the query string is URLencoded.  The only SPARQL response format 
currently supported at that endpoint is XML (Accept: 
application/sparql-results+xml), although hopefully in the near future 
it will also support JSON.  I hope that if we get to the point where the 
draft documentation specification [1] is ratified, TDWG itself can 
provide a stable endpoint where these kinds of queries can be made.

I'm not sure that this query will actually do what you want, since the 
terms in the various dropdowns in the DwC-A Assistant aren't strictly 
those whose dwcattributes:organizedInClass properties have values that 
are the dropdown category.  Also, the various extensions aren't there.  
But your question is a kind of use case that TDWG should think about 
supporting for "enhancements" [2] to the basic DwC term vocabulary.


[1] https://github.com/tdwg/vocab/blob/master/documentation-specification.md
[2] see Section 4 (Vocabulary enhancements) of 

Matt Yoder wrote:
> Hi All,
> I was wondering if there is an RDF document like
> https://github.com/tdwg/dwc/blob/master/rdf/dwcterms.rdf that had
> something like the dwcattributes:organizedInClass therein such that I
> could query it to return terms as organized in the dwca-assistant
> (http://tools.gbif.org/dwca-assistant/)?
> In other words I want to return all terms under Core::Occurence,
> Core::Taxon, Core::Extensions::Foo etc.
> Thanks for your time,
> Matt
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