[tdwg-content] A proposal to improve Darwin Core for invasive species data

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Getting caught up on this thread after a holiday. 

Some previous discussion on dwc:establishmentMeans in 2010 was at:

The opinion expressed in that thread was that dwc:establishmentMeans was 
a property of an organism at a particular place and time (i.e. an 
Occurrence.): how did a particular organism come to be in that place at 
that time.  In that view, an organism might be at a location because it 
was a representative of a native species, or because it was managed at 
that location by humans.  In that perspective, it would not make sense 
to use the value "invasive" with dwc:establishmentMeans because that is 
more of a property of a species at a location rather than an individual 
organism at that location and time. 


Quentin Groom wrote:
> I've been working on a proposal to improve Darwin Core for use with 
> invasive species data.
> The proposal is detailed on GitHub at 
> https://github.com/qgroom/ias-dwc-proposal/blob/master/proposal.md.
> The proposal is for a new term "origin" and suggested vocabularies for 
> establishmentMeans and occurrenceStatus.
> I'd welcome your feedback on the proposal.
> From my perspective it provides some needed clarity on 
> the establishmentMeans and occurrenceStatus fields, but also adds the 
> origin that is needed for invasive species research and for 
> conservation assessments.
> I'm not sure of the best way to discuss this, but if you have concrete 
> proposals for changes you might raise them as issues on GitHub, as 
> well as mentioning them here.
> Regards
> Quentin
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