[tdwg-content] Implementing Darwin Core in RDF

Douglas Campbell Douglas.Campbell at tepapa.govt.nz
Tue Aug 16 07:52:07 CEST 2016

Hi all,

I am implementing Darwin Core in RDF as part of our API at Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand).  My aim is to map our specimen metadata to rich Darwin Core RDF using JSON-LD, then 'dumb down' to Simple Darwin Core to contribute to virtual herbariums.  I have mocked-up some records, however there are some areas where I'm not quite sure how to interpret the Darwin Core RDF Guide.

The areas of confusion I have include:
* Best practice for connecting containers together
* Dereferencing of the DwC IRI namespace
* The overlapping scope of the Occurrence and Specimen types
* Conflicting usage of Taxon fields in the Identification object.

I'm hoping for suggestions:
1. Are there any implementations of DwC RDF data online that I could look at as examples to follow?
2. What/to whom is the best way to ask specific questions about DwC RDF?

At this stage our API prototype is only available internally but there is some documentation available publicly at:

Thanks in advance,

Douglas Campbell
Business Analyst
Collections Information Services
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

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