[tdwg-content] status of uBio

Shorthouse, David david.shorthouse at umontreal.ca
Thu Oct 15 19:20:58 CEST 2015

> Good intentions. However, uBio has historically expressly not allowed the
> download or redistribution of its content in bulk. (Perhaps they’ve changed
> this lately, but if so, I’m not aware that they have.)

Is there still a 'they' that can respond? If there is no longer a
'they', is this a case of a resource that does more harm in being
revived than in turning it off? I did not see evidence of activity in
uBio prior to its disappearance; we ought to strive for resources that
can acquire and integrate new content with minimal effort and be able
to illustrate that. Perhaps we should solicit the once present 'they'
and current entities/individuals that have assumed ownership to
release the content & functionality for reabsorption elsewhere.

David P. Shorthouse

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