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Camila Plata cplata at humboldt.org.co
Fri Jun 12 18:55:38 CEST 2015

Dear colleagues,

At SiB Colombia we are standardizing a resource of vegetation plots that
are going to be monitored for several years, the data includes both
measurements of the event and the organisms.  So, we are currently
discussing how to address this kind of data through the occurrenceCore and
the new eventCore.

We propose to create  two related resources, the first describing the
biotic and abiotic data of each plot (eventCore + meassurementOrFacts +
relevé), and the second describing the organisms and it’s functional traits
(occurrenceCore + meassurementOrFacts). The resources will be related
through eventID and parentEventID.

We would like to know  what do you think about this approach and if anyone
is dealing with the same kind of data and how did you address this issue,
or if we also will need to relate the resources through the
resourceRelationship extension?

Looking forward for your assessment.

Kind Regards!

*Camila Plata*Interoperabilidad y Admón. de Contenidos EC-SiB.

*Instituto de Investigación de Recursos BiológicosAlexander von
Paseo Bolivar (Circunvalar) 16-20 *

*PBX: (57) 1 320 2767 Ext. 1157Bogotá, D.C., Colombia*

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