[tdwg-content] Wrapping up public comment on 204 - 226

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Oct 16 15:12:04 CEST 2014

A quick response to your comment about expanding the scope of occurrence 
to include things other than "organisms". Rich Pyle and I have talked 
about this and both agree that such an expansion would be useful, but 
probably as a superproperty to dwc:occurrence as you suggested.  Rich 
was wanting to have occurrences of things like boats.  So maybe 
something to look at as a follow-up, as you suggested. 

joel sachs wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> The following is a summary of the comments received since announcing the 
> proposals encapsulated in Issues 204 - 226 [1]. Comment came in two forms 
> - posts to tdwg-content, and comments in the Darwin Core Issue Tracker 
> [2]. Only one issue attracted comment on tdwg-content, and five issues 
> attracted (mostly clarifying) comments in the Tracker. (This is 
> encouraging, since the proposals were the result of a years-long consensus 
> building process.)
> The issue that was the subject of discussion on this list was Issue 205, 
> the proposal to add a dwc:Organism class. The first comment came from Rob 
> Guralnick, who did not see the need for this new class [3]. In reply, 
> Steve Baskauf pointed out that we already have an Organism class, implied 
> by the existing term dwc:individualID, and that the proposal simply 
> describes what kinds of things could reasonably have their identifier be 
> the value of dwc:individualID. There was concurrence with Steve from Rich 
> Pyle and Bob Morris, with no further comment.
> The other comments on this issue were related to my suggestion [4] that 
> the proposal be amended to i) remove the reference to OBI in our 
> definition, and ii) to give the new class an opaque identifier. In regards 
> (i), Rich, Bob, and Steve were in favour, and Hilmar opposed. In regards 
> (ii), Bob was in favour, while Rich and Hilmar were initially opposed. 
> After some conversation, however, it seemed acceptable to them that the 
> term be given an opaque identifier, with organism as the label. Eamonn 
> also seemed on board with an opaque identifier.
> Meanwhile, the Issue Tracker saw the following:
> Issue 204, the umbrella Issue for all the changes
> Bob wondered how we might notify those whose DwC Archives would be 
> affected by the proposed changes. Steve and Markus argued that existing 
> DwCAs would not be affected, for reasons they explain in their comments
> Issue 211, dwc:NomenclaturalChecklist
> JohnW pointed out that dwctype:NomenclaturalChecklist was to be replaced 
> by dwctype:Nomen, which suggests that the correct label for the new term 
> is dwc:Nomen.
> Issue 212, dwc:Occurrence
> I suggested expanding the definition of occurrence to include 
> non-organismal things like genes, rocks, and metagenomic samples. For 
> reasons I explain in my comment, I dont think we need to do this now.
> Issue 214, dwc:Event
> Some clarifying remarks from Bob and Steve.
> Issue 222, organismID
> Clarification from Steve (and an indication of support from Bob).
> Issue 226, AssociatedOrganisms
> Some questions from Bob, answered by Steve.
> ---
> If I have mischaracterized anything above, please let me know.
> Thanks!
> Joel.
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