[tdwg-content] synonyms in DwC Archives

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at nescent.org
Tue Mar 18 20:55:02 CET 2014

I'm looking for recommendations on how best to put synonyms for taxon
records into DwC Archive format.

I'm assuming that these would go into an extension file. Do I have this
right? What I'm having more trouble with is determining the right column
term. there's dwc:vernacularName, which is also in the examples, but what
about synonyms of different types that come with taxonomies (such as
NCBI's) or that result from merging taxonomies. There isn't an obvious
candidate in DwC, and the list at
http://rs.gbif.org/core/dwc_taxon.xmldoesn't have a suggestion either
that would seem pertinent.

Any suggestions, pointers to documentation or examples?


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