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 Greetings Everyone,

We would like to invite all of you to review a report generated as a result
of the NIH BD2K workshop "Frameworks for Community-based Standards
Efforts", held last year.

The workshop aimed at gaining a clearer understanding of the
community-based data and metadata standards efforts, in particular, and how
NIH might best relate to them. In this report the authors, who are the lead
organizers and co-chairs, elaborate on the findings and indicate future

In conjunction with related efforts already under way at NIH, including the
development of a Data Discovery Index Consortium (bioCADDIE:
http://biocaddie.org), the final document will assist the NIH Office of the
Associate Director (ADDS) to help move forward the NIH BD2K vision on how
data, metadata and other digital research products can interact and work
with each other.

We invite all users, software developers and publishers to review our
report. Please, post *comments by January 20, 2015*.

The link to the report is: *http://www.communitybasedstandards.org
<http://www.communitybasedstandards.org> *

On behalf of the organizing committee and the participants, thank you for
your assistance!

* Michael F. Huerta* (NIH National Library of Medicine)
* Leslie K. Derr* (NIH Office of Strategic Coordination Division of Program
Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives)
* Susanna-Assunta Sansone* (University of Oxford, Oxford e-Research Centre)
* David N. Kennedy* (Department of Psychiatry, University of Massachusetts
Medical Center)


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