[tdwg-content] New Darwin Core terms proposed relating to material samples

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Wed Jun 12 16:51:09 CEST 2013

For reasons elaborated in the DwC RDF guide and probably several places 
in the RDF Task Group wiki, none of the ID terms as they are presently 
defined can be used effectively in RDF.  I'm not going to elaborate here 
because anybody who cares can read the details in the draft of the 
guide.  But the crux of the issue is that all of the ID terms are 
currently defined as subClassOf dcterms:identifier.  That means that a 
client can infer that the identifier given as the value of the term is 
the identifier of the subject of the triple, not the object of the 
triple as would be assumed for a predicate like hasIndividual, 
hasOccurrence, etc. 

If we want to use the ID terms in RDF, the subClassOf declarations would 
have to be removed from their definitions. 

Even if the definitions were changed, there is still an ambiguity issue 
which can be seen in the example in the XML guide.  Again, I'm going to 
refer interested parties to the draft RDF guide. 

John Deck wrote:
>     3. In RDF, all resources are identified by URI, and (should be)
>     referenced by appropriate predicates (hasIndividual,
>     hasOccurrence, etc.) So my understanding is that all the recent
>     discussion about xxxIDs pertains only to non-RDF records. Is that
>     correct?
> Not necessarily.
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