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VertNet Biodiversity Informatics Workshop 2

VertNet is pleased to announce the second Biodiversity Informatics Training Workshop (BITW), scheduled for June 24-28, 2013.  The workshop will provide training and experience in the use of primary biodiversity data sources and the tools necessary to become proficient in biodiversity informatics and conduct high-level research.  Led by experienced informaticists and researchers, the BITW will emphasize the use and analysis of aggregated biodiversity data from VertNet, and other sources, for a wide variety of research.

During the five-day course, participants will work closely with trainers to address compelling biodiversity research questions and focus on the entire scope of a research project, including data acquisition, tools for data evaluation, analysis, and project dissemination and outreach.  Participants are expected to bring high levels of motivation and desire to learn the fundamentals of biodiversity informatics and become users of cutting edge tools in GIS and modeling although not necessarily expected to have experience in them. The workshop will include large and small group exercises on a common curriculum, as well as the opportunity for participants to discuss and explore their own research goals/questions.  Virtual talks by research professionals from across the U.S. will provide opportunities to discuss how others use informatics tools and workflows.  Participants will explore and utilize:

●      Data sources for discovery, acquisition, data standards, database creation and organization (VertNet, GBIF, Darwin Core)
●      Organization, analysis, workflow, and data improvement tools
●      Biodiversity measurement and analysis techniques
●      Species distribution modeling approaches
●      Dissemination, education, and outreach mechanisms (e.g., citizen science)

The goal of the workshop is to provide conceptual frameworks and hands-on experience with a suite of data sources such as VertNet (including MaNIS, FishNet, HerpNET, and ORNIS), EOL, Map of Life, and other software tools (e.g., BioGeomancer, GEOLocate, Quantum GIS, R Statistics, ArcGIS, Maxent).

At the end of the week, participants should leave the workshop with:

1.     an understanding of the evolution of, and the workflows within, a research project;
2.     a set of basic skills to use data repositories, informatics and analytic tools, and an understanding of which tools are appropriate for specific tasks;
3.     knowledge of the abundant resources and additional training available to them.

Who should attend?
Advanced undergraduates, recent post baccalaureates, and early-career graduate students currently working, or interested in a career in a biodiversity related field, including, but not limited to, ecology, conservation, geography, biology, environmental science, computer science, and library science.

Workshop Selection and Support
Acceptance to the BITW is a competitive process and the workshop is limited to 20 participants.  All applications materials and recommendations must be received by 11:59pm PT on January 11, 2013 for consideration.  Accepted participants will be notified in March 2013.  Individuals selected to participate will receive support for six nights accommodation, support for transportation to and from the workshop, and per diem to help cover daily expenses.  Accommodations will be provided on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder.

Application materials are available at http<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>://<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>vertnet<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>.<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>org<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>/<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>about<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>/<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>BITW<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>.<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>php<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>.  Submit application materials online (http<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>://<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>vertnet<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>.<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>org<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>/<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>about<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>/<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>BITW<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>.<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>php<http://vertnet.org/about/BITW.php>) or send all completed materials and one letter of recommendation todbloom<mailto:dbloom at vertnet.org>@<mailto:dbloom at vertnet.org>vertnet<mailto:dbloom at vertnet.org>.<mailto:dbloom at vertnet.org>org<mailto:dbloom at vertnet.org>.

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