[tdwg-content] Updated Rich's Two Species and additional thoughts and example on how to handle alternative conceptualizations

Peter DeVries pete.devries at gmail.com
Tue May 10 23:26:22 CEST 2011

I have added some additional information the the TaxonConcept KB for Rich's
two fish

About: Centropyge fisheri se:q72fd    Orange Angelfish
bit.ly    http://bit.ly/j1c7NF
About: Centropyge flavicauda se:Mj6j4 Whitetail Angelfish
bit.ly http://bit.ly/mwQIyh

* Assuming the photo's are correct, these examples still need links to
representative specimens and other related data.

This was done by creating this file and adding it to the triplestore


Data about the image
 bit.ly http://bit.ly/jjmnsd

If I understand Rich correctly all these images would be instances of the
concept *Centropyge fisheri sensu lato*
*That would need it own URI and could be related by something like this:*
txn:hasWiderAlternativeConceptualization  <
txn:hasWiderAlternativeConceptualization  <


> txn:hasNarrowerTXNConceptualization <
> txn:hasNarrowerTXNConceptualization <

I think it is cleaner to have the overlapping concepts separated into a
different namespace.

This implies that the set of alternativeconcepts don't overlap with each

So what I am proposing allows for alternative concepts.

It does not appear that The Plant List has alternative concepts, each
species has a current name and the set represents their form of a set of non
overlapping concepts.

Why isn't this controversial?

Note also that things like The Plant List don't do much to improve the lot
of those who document and describe species. You cite the authors of The
Plant List.

This is in contrast to TaxonConcept where you site the species editors and
the original author is linked via their DBpedia description. (In many cases
these will need to be added to Wikipedia, about 6,000 already)


- Pete

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