[tdwg-content] If you need something for referring to a population, then it is probably best to do it as a related class

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Information on the IdentificationTag for the Honey Bee


bit.ly http://bit.ly/lGQrbi

One such identification


bit.ly http://bit.ly/jQCHia

The species concept for the Honey Bee as seen via my endpoint


bit.ly http://bit.ly/g1zzJC

Via the Sig.ma service

- Pete

2011/5/9 Hilmar Lapp <hlapp at nescent.org>

> On May 9, 2011, at 4:24 AM, Mikel Egaña Aranguren wrote:
> Just to add to the discussion, puning can be used to model clases as
> instances. In fact, a common pattern I'm seing and I'm using is to use
> puning and have a class hierarchy, each class having an instance with the
> same URI, so one can refer to each class as a class or as an instance,
> depending on the context.
> The punning feature in OWL2 is very nice indeed. But one should not forget
> that depending on the use the subject (or object) is either the class *or*
> the instance. I.e., there is a "class view" of the resource identified by
> the URI,  and an instance view. This is different from referring to a class
> as an instance. So things you say about the URI using object properties you
> say about the instance identified by that URI, just as you would if you used
> a generated instance URI, and the rules that apply to that are no different
> from the rules that apply if you said those things about an instance with a
> randomly generated URI. For example, if you say conflicting things about it,
> you still say these about one and the same instance, not "some", possibly
> different, instances.
> -hilmar
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