[tdwg-content] RFC 4122 as motivation, was Re: Why UUIDs alone are not adequate as GUIDs

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Jun 9 17:55:51 CEST 2011

I should correct what I said below to draw the distinction between RDF 
and RDF/XML:

> One does have to maintain a consistent RDF structure because the XSLT is
> a "dumb" static file, but if your RDF is being generated systematically,
> it will probably have a consistent format anyway.  It also means that a
> human has to use "view page source" to look at the underlying RDF, but
This should have said, "maintain a consistent XML structure ... if your 
RDF/XML is being ..." since XML is just one way of serializing RDF.  
However, it is *the *recommended serialization of RDF for GUID 
resolution, i.e. the GUID A.S. rec 10 says "The default metadata 
response format *should *be RDF serialized as XML." (emphasis in the 
document), so people following the rec will be generating it.  What I 
was trying to get across is that there are easy ways to create 
human-friendly representations. 


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