[tdwg-content] Updated Book, Provable Models vs. Executable Models and Use Cases

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A new edition of this book just came out.

*Semantic Web for the Working Ontologist, Second Edition: Effective Modeling
in RDFS and OWL* [Paperback]
Dean Allemang, James Hendler


Starting on page 326 there is a good section on OWL subsets and Modeling

It describes provable models (decidable) and executable models.

There is a lot of good info in here, but I thought I would highlight these

*"In fact, it is quite challenging to come up with a logical system that can
represent anything useful that is also decidable"  *

also under Executable Models.

*"A different motivation for modeling in the Semantic Web is to form an
integrated picture of some sort of domain by federating information from
multiple sources"*

Individuals should really read the entire chapter and come to their own
conclusions, but I think these are issues that people need to think about.

To what extent can we design a system that actually is decidable?

How are these models going to be used, what is their purpose, and what are
some clear use cases?

Here is the use case that started me down path of linked data and the
semantic web.

I am in location X,Y and have a specimen of family Z.

What species of family Z are expected here and what are the characters that
can be used to differentiate them?

Give me a list of other resources that contain information about these


- Pete

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