[tdwg-content] ITIS TSNID to uBio NamebankIDs mapping

Peter DeVries pete.devries at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 08:33:30 CEST 2011

Hi Rich,

In a way the GNI URI's are really only "exposed" to those who are talking
about them.

Note in this Knowledge Base view of another butterfly *Papilio canadensis*

* This is simply *http://lsd.taxonconcept.org/describe/?url= *followed by
the URL encoded species concept URI

bit.ly http://bit.ly/giZd7t

the GNI URI is replaced in the human view with the skos:prefLabel.
(rdfs:label will do the same thing) The RDF that makes this possible is
shown below.

  <txn:SpeciesNameString rdf:about="
    <skos:prefLabel>Pterourus canadensis</skos:prefLabel>
    <txn:speciesNameStringHasSpeciesTaxonConcept rdf:resource="
    <wdrs:describedby rdf:resource="

If you click on one of these GNI linked names you are taken to a URL like

 bit.ly http://bit.ly/in5dGL

Which is the same "describe prefix" followed by the GNI URI.

In a sense the KB is providing a "describe service" for human browsers of
the URI's in the data set.

My point is that humans see the name string, but it is actually represented
and processed by computers as a UUID based URI.

This system creates a series of URI's that can be used to make statements
about how various name strings relate to each other.

It will also allow you to make statements about how your GNUB entities
relate to different namestrings.

Below I have attached a small screenshot of the part of the KB view that
shows the GNI names.


- Pete

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