[tdwg-content] New terms need resolution: "Individual"

Chuck Miller Chuck.Miller at mobot.org
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"a (meta-) population is a LifeInstance" does seem to make sense to me.

"a (meta-) population is a taxon" does not make sense to me.  Nor does
"a (meta-) population is an Organism" 

But "a (meta-) population is a TaxonInstance" sort of makes sense, but
Rich dislikes the inherent ambiguity that occurs when using the string
"taxon" or "taxa" in a case like this because it opens the can of worms
about names and concepts and spins off into endless related, but
disassociated, debates.  The word "taxon" has several meanings that can
only be understood by a clear context within which the word is used or
by an accompanying long definition that spells out which meaning is
being used.  Rich has written on this multiple times.


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((who would not forgive you?))

but you think "Organism" includes "population" and metapopulation? We
are defining is-a relationships here (subclassing was already
discussed), so "a (meta-) population is an organism" should make sense.
It does not to me.

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