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Hannu Saarenmaa hannu at bioshare.com
Thu Jan 13 14:58:40 CET 2011


We would need a term to store the name of the person who has digitised a 
sample.  The current Darwin Core does not seem to include such term. 
Dublin Core's "creator" is what we'd use.

I wonder why not all of the Dublin Core's 15 basic terms are included in 
Darwin Core terms web page, but just a subset of them, which subset 
seems to be somewhat random to me?

We could also use the DC term "contributor" or something for someone who 
has proof-read the digitisation result.

I understand that nothing breaks if we use dc:creator because the Dublin 
Core schema loads it along with other elements.  But because of this 
omission some applications like GBIF IPT omit it from their mapping 
capabilities, which is a problem.

Your advise is sppreaciated, Hannu

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