[tdwg-content] GUIDs for publications (usages and names)

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Hi Chris,

You are missing one of the main benefits of Linked Data.

Users do not want to curate their own bibliographic databases and related
RDF, they want to simply link to a globally unique, resolvable identifier
for that citation.

For example: *Felis concolor* Linnaeus 1771

Linnaeus 1771 <= What specific publication is this?

"Felis concolor" hasOriginalDescription <

If the BHL exposed semantic web URI's for each publication, then content
experts could search the BHL, find it, and then link to it with a simple
resolvable URI.

The alternative is that Steve, et al., will create their own identifiers for
specific publications, code their own local bibliographic databases.

In essence, each group or individual then continues to duplicate the efforts
of others.

Right now, I have duplicated your functionality in my species concepts.

Ideally, I would have done this:

<SpeciesConcept> hasOriginalDescription     <
<SpeciesConcept> hasRevisionalDescription <

Not only are my concepts then linked to your citations, any other data sets
that link to your citations are findable.

For instance, who else has data sets that link to this citation?

To see how this works on the live LOD cloud check out. http://bit.ly/fChHwJ

Browse through the related Linked Data Sets - in particular the has close
match links.

- Pete

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 2:31 PM, Chris Freeland <Chris.Freeland at mobot.org>wrote:

>  Ooops, to clarify my very last example, we actually would support "Pallas
> 1767" if properly parsed:
> *
> http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurl?aulast=Pallas&date=1767&format=xml
> *<http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurl?aulast=Pallas&date=1767&format=xml>
> What we don't yet support & need to is linking at article citation level.
> That's where our newly (quietly) launched CiteBank http://citebank.orgcomes in, and what we're hoping to receive funding to expand.
> Chris
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>  Steve, Pete, et al.,
> BHL has an OpenURL resolver that can accept a variety of input criteria &
> return matching records with responses in JSON (with or without callback),
> XML, HTML, or a direct link.  Documentation is here:
> http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurlhelp.aspx
> And linked from our broader documentation here:
> http://biodivlib.wikispaces.com/Developer+Tools+and+API
> Here's an example, referenced in the documentation, for querying on a
> monograph/book:
> http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurl?genre=book&title=Manual+of+North+American+Diptera&aufirst=Samuel+Wendell&aulast=Williston&publisher=New+Haven+:J.T.+Hathaway,&date=1908&spage=16&format=xml
> You can also query based on common abbreviations, like Sp. Pl.:
> http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurl?stitle=Sp.%20Pl.&date=1753&format=xml
> MOBOT's Tropicos uses the OpenURL resolver to link to protologues, as in
> this example:
> http://www.tropicos.org/Name/2735114
> With Tropicos we have an authority record for each journal or monographic
> title.  We match Tropicos' TitleID to BHL's TitleID & use that as a more
> direct link to the appropriate reference, but still send collation & other
> info to get to the appropriate page, as in this link:
> http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/openurl?pid=title:626&volume=5&issue=&spage=244&date=1830
> I know that this is insufficient for zoology & other natural sciences
> beyond botany, where we need to be able to support citations like "Pallas
> 1767", which may or may not be preparsed into appropriate fields.  A known
> problem, for sure, and one that we're eager to address, pending funding from
> NSF.
> Chris
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> Hi Steve,
> I have been lobbying the BHL for this for some time. Most recently in this
> blog post.
> http://www.taxonconcept.org/taxonconcept-blog/2010/8/5/why-linked-open-data-makes-sense-for-biodiversity-informatic.html
> What I have realized is that, for many works that are out of copyright,
> Google books has already scanned and converted them to PDF.
> You can use these, even extract the relevant PDF pages as long as you keep
> the Google watermark.
> This is what I have done for the Cougar.
> http://lod.taxonconcept.org/ses/v6n7p.html
> For more recent works you may be able to link to the article PDF. As in
> this spider example.
> http://lod.taxonconcept.org/ses/2mqjL.html
> We also need a URI for to uniquely identify authors and in the absence of a
> better solution, I have been using, and in some cases creating, entries in
> Wikipedia which currently has over 5,000 taxonomic author profiles.
> This results in usable RDF via DBpedia. As you can see in the RDF in this
> example.
> http://lod.taxonconcept.org/ses/v6n7p.rdf
> And in the Knowledge Base
> <
> http://lsd.taxonconcept.org/describe/?url=http%3A%2F%2Flod.taxonconcept.org%2Fses%2Fv6n7p%23OriginalDescription>
> That said, I have also been experimenting with this.
> http://lod.taxonconcept.org/people/sci_people_1700.rdf
> About: Carl Linnaeus http://bit.ly/gLgElf
> - Pete
> On Mon, Jan 3, 2011 at 7:47 PM, Steve Baskauf <
> steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu> wrote:
>> I was reviewing some of the previous posts on taxon name usages in an
>> attempt to understand them better.  I have learned that the Global Names
>> Index is an attempt to catalog taxon names and that it is possible to
>> generate a URI that points to a name there.  Is there a parallel effort
>> to do the same thing for literature references?  In other words, if I
>> want to describe the TNU:
>> Andropogon virginicus L. sec. Radford et al. (1968)
>> I think I could find a URI GUID for the name Andropogon virginicus .
>> But is there some place where I could find a unique identifier, or
>> better a URL, or best a URI providing RDF/XML for Linnaeus 1753 (the
>> author and publication for the name) and for Radford et al.1968 (the
>> author and publication that expresses the usage I'm intending).
>> I suppose that this question has previously been answered in the in the
>> many posts on taxon names, concepts, etc.  However, since usually my
>> brain goes numb and my eyes glaze over in those threads, I probably
>> missed it.
>> Steve
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