[tdwg-content] More Strange Monkey Business-like things in GBIF KOS Document

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More Strange Monkey Business-like things in GBIF KOS Document.

Does this accurately characterize my project?

"in the GeoSpecies project104 based on a small purpose-built ontology105 of
mosquito-borne human pathogens."

   Did they bother to read any of the seven other examples on this page?

Or here http://www.taxonconcept.org/

or here

or here

Also note that this particular link they used in the document 104 does not


While this


or this does


Also the "small" TaxonConcept SPARQL endpoint has ~27 million triples.

It might also be useful to explain how reasoning can be used on the larger
data sets.

Do they have an example of reasoning that works on a data set over 100
million triples?

Is there some reason why there is so much "push" towards specialized near
proprietary solutions like LSID's and LOD unfriendly vocabularies?


- Pete

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