[tdwg-lit] TDWG mailing list consolidation

Weitzman, Anna WEITZMAN at si.edu
Wed Sep 8 16:53:40 CEST 2010

As a reminder, especially to anyone who has recently joined the tdwg-lit list, most of the literature standards discussion has moved to a Google group.  Below is part of the email sent in 2009 to invite members.

Anna L Weitzman, PhD
Chair, TDWG Literature Interest Group
Smithsonian Institution



This list has seen several different streams of discussions lately concerning services, UIs, data structures and other issues surrounding digital taxonomic literature, to the point where a core group of us who are frequent posters on the topic had about 4 different lines of discussions going at once.  Too confusing.  So, I've set up a Google Group called [TaxonLit] so that we can have a single list specific to the topic.  It's available at: http://groups.google.com/group/taxonlit

The discussions & pages can be read by the public, but participation in the listserv & the ability to edit & upload content is reserved for group members.  To request membership, please visit the "Apply for group membership" link along the ride side of the page.  To ensure the list stays on subject and isn't spammed, we request that you provide a little background information when signing up.  

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Dear members of the TDWG mailing list tdwg-lit,

TDWG has seen a proliferation of mailing lists over the years, most of which
are inactive today. Traffic on most lists is rather little and usually
limited to only a short period of time. As most lists also have very much
the same subscribers, we are seeking to merge lists into just a few ones.
The main 3 mailing lists we want to maintain in the future being:

tdwg at lists.tdwg.org
A list with very low traffic for official TDWG  announcements from the executive committee

tdwg-content at lists.tdwg.org
A list for all non technical discussions covering all TDWG working groups /
standards http://lists.tdwg.org/mailman/listinfo/tdwg-content

tdwg-tag at lists.tdwg.org
The technical architecture group list that will host discussions about the
technical details of standards

Within the next days we will automatically add all subscribers of this list to tdwg and tdwg-content and will merge all existing archives of the mailing list tdwg-lit into tdwg-content. The list tdwg-lit will be closed and removed once the archives have been merged.

Best wishes,
Markus Döring
tdwg-lit mailing list
tdwg-lit at lists.tdwg.org

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