[tdwg-content] Comments on Cam's RDF practical details of recording a determination What is an Occurrence?

Steve Baskauf steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Oct 28 15:41:24 CEST 2010

I think both dwc:recordedBy for the Occurrence and dcterms:created for 
some tokens should be provided.  Depending on the situation, they might 
be different entities (I think John Wieczorek pointed this out in an 
earlier thread).  dwc:recordedBy is specifically supposed to be a person 
whereas I think dcterms:creator could be a person or an institution.  
For example, if the token is a PreservedSpecimen, one might want to 
consider the specimen to have been created by the museum or herbarium 
rather than the collector.  Also, there could be Occurrences without 
tokens (like human observations, unless you go with Rich's "memory" as a 
token), and images that are serving as tokens might be part of a 
database that includes images that are NOT serving as tokens for 
Occurrences (and in that case consumers who aren't interested in 
biodiversity information would like to know the dcterms:creator without 
having to look at the Occurrence record).


Cam Webb wrote:
>> Q2-4.  If the "token" is separated from the Occurrence, then 
>> dwc:recordedBy is a property of the Occurrence and dcterms:created and 
>> dcterms:creator are properties of the token (if it's a create-able 
>> thing).
> Is there any benefit to specifying both OccurrenceX dwc:recordedBy PersonY 
> and TokenX dcterms:creator PersonY?  If not, which is the more `natural' 
> home for the information?  I think it would be TokenX dcterms:creator 
> PersonY.
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