[tdwg-content] Treatise on Occurrence, tokens, and basisOfRecord

Blum, Stan SBlum at calacademy.org
Tue Oct 26 07:36:10 CEST 2010

I'll post PDF versions of the ASC docs somewhere on the TDWG wiki.  Looking
for an appropriate place now...


On 10/25/10 7:30 PM, "Steve Baskauf" <steve.baskauf at vanderbilt.edu> wrote:

> Are these things available online somewhere?  URLs?
> What's the ASC model?
> Steve
> Richard Pyle wrote:
>> early documents that go into a lot of this in great detail.  One is Stan
>> Blum's description of the ASC model.  Another are a series of publications
>> from Walter Berendsohn on "potential taxa".  A lot of other stuff is
>> floating around the Specify project, and there are some other earlier
>> sources.  But I agree, it's not easy to find, and it doesn't always cover
>> the details we need it to in today's context.

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