[tdwg-content] Announcement: New edition of Terms Used in Bionomenclature

David Remsen (GBIF) dremsen at gbif.org
Thu May 27 15:07:00 CEST 2010

Dear TDWG-ers


I'd like to announce the publication of an updated edition of Terms  
Used in Bionomenclature, compiled by Prof. David Hawksworth.   This is  
a glossary of over 2,100 terms used in biological nomenclature - the  
naming of whole organisms of all kinds.   The glossary is available in  
print-ready PDF format as well as via an online web application that  
can be browsed, searched, and output in HTML, JSON and RDF to support  
re-use and referencing.   GBIF is also producing a limited number of  
paper copies of the glossary which will be available at GBIF-supported  
meetings and events.   The web application supports the development of  
controlled vocabularies using resolvable identifiers for nomenclatural  

More information and links to the PDF and web versions can be found on  
the glossary home page at


The web application is online at http://bionomenclature-glossary.gbif.org/

I'm happy to field comments on the implementation and pass on comments  
regarding the content to David Hawksworth.

Kind regards,
David Remsen

David Remsen, Senior Programme Officer
Electronic Catalog of Names of Known Organisms
Global Biodiversity Information Facility Secretariat
Universitetsparken 15, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark
Tel: +45-35321472   Fax: +45-35321480
Mobile +45 28751472
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