[tdwg-content] Cross referencing of TDWG's rank terms in an OBO rank vocabulary

Peter Midford peter.midford at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 19:04:35 CET 2010

           A few weeks ago I inquired about the stability of URI's for the rank terms that appear in the TDWG ontology.  Here's why - I am preparing to submit a rank vocabulary to the OBO foundry that includes rank terms from both NCBI and terms from TDWG.  In the case of terms that came from TDWG, I have included the TDWG URIs as OBO cross references for the terms.  This message is to let the TDWG community know that, barring any objection from the TDWG maintainers, I will be submitting vocabulary, including terms I picked up from TDWG,  to the OBO foundry for review.  

If you are someone involved in both TDWG and OBO foundry, the OBO request will follow soon.  Let's please keep discussion of OBO-specific issues on obo-discuss.



Peter E.  Midford
Phenoscape Ontology Curator
Peter.Midford at gmail.com

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