[tdwg-content] Any RDF example? Is this what the standard authors intended?

Paul.Alexander at csiro.au Paul.Alexander at csiro.au
Wed Jan 13 06:02:36 CET 2010

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your example.

I'm confused by the example's use of dcterms:identifier mainly because I understand that Identifier should point to the resource being described (resource from Dublin Core point of view).

My interpretation of DublinCore is that title and publisher describe the resource if it is specifically referenced, i.e. the resource is pointed to by dcterms:identifier (An unambiguous reference to the resource within a given context.)  

On the other hand if the rdf:Description is pointing to the resource being described, then some alternatives to dcterms:identifier would be dcterms:References, dcterms:Abstract or dcterms:Source. Each indicate we are pointing to a resource that is associated in some way with the rdf:Description resource. 

One possibility is to discard dcterms:Identifier, so dcterms:title will not be specifically tied to a resource outside its own namespace and will therefore be associated with its containing element i.e. rdf:Description. 

I clicked through the various parts via uriburner, viewed the source code, looked at the dcterms:Title of each of the RDF files in the example, and re-read the posts on 23 and 24 December but I don't get it. I will have a more thorough look at Darwin Core.

Perhaps it would help my understanding if you could put the files dcterms:titled: Pedilus serratus, Bufo americanus and Shivering Sands Natural Area Beach into context. 

Thank you in advance.


On Tue, 12 Jan 2010 02:33:08, Peter DeVries <pete.devries at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Jamie,

I have mocked up this example, but I am not sure it is what the standard
authors were intending. See my post on December 23rd.

Here is my example

can click through the various parts via uriburner


I also have a lot of species information in RDF, (about 2 million triples)
but it is not in DarwinCore at:


The about page is here: http://about.geospecies.org/

This data set is part of the Linked Open Web or LOD, which is explained
here: http://linkeddata.org/

Here is the diagram of the Linked Open Data Cloud:

I have some examples of SPARQL queries here:

Here the page for one of my species http://lod.geospecies.org/ses/iuCXz.html

Here is the RDF for that species http://lod.geospecies.org/ses/iuCXz.rdf

I have tried to follow the DarwinCore as close as I can without breaking
what I have working.

In the future, I plan to rework my occurrence RDF into something like my
example above, but with some additional fields.

I think I can come up with a version of RDF for occurrences in DarwinCore
that also follows Linked Data best practices.

Hope this helps. :-)

- Pete

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