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Roger et al.,

As was suggested by others, the >3-part "name" bit is resolved by looking at ICBN Article 24.1 (with my emphasis):
"The *NAME* of an infraspecific taxon is a combination of the name of a species and an infraspecific epithet. A connecting term is used to denote rank."

The Example right under it notes that such taxa "may be referred to" by the many-part strings... but while those convey information about the classification of the taxon they do not qualify as "names" under the Code. Note that you could have a 7-part monster like:
Aus bus subsp. cus var. dus subvar. eus f. fus subf. gus

But no matter how you slice it this would convey classification information, but is not technically a scientific "name" under the Code.

It is rather more simple in zoology, since there is only one rank below species that can be used for valid/accepted names: subspecies...

...so nothing more than trinomial for either of these Codes.


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Today's Topics:

   1. subvarieties and subformas in DwC (Roger Hyam)


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Subject: [tdwg-content] subvarieties and subformas in DwC
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Hi All,

Is there a standard way of including 4 word names in DwC for the sub sub ranks such as subvarieties and subformas.

I don't condone the use of these ranks but if we have to express them what do people normally do?

Have I missed something in the docs?

Many thanks,



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