[tdwg-content] Conflict between DarwinCore and DublinCore usageof dcterms:type / basisOfRecord

John R. WIECZOREK tuco at berkeley.edu
Sun Nov 1 06:42:14 CET 2009

Found a moment to get back to this. There currently is no formal (that
is, rdf) relation between observations and dcmitype:Event. In fact,
there are no formal relations between recommended basisOfRecord values
("PreservedSpecimen", "StillImage", "HumanObservation") and any
dcmitype terms (dcmitype:PhysicalObject, dcmitype:StillImage,
dcmitype:Event). The former are string literals in a list that is
recommended while the latter are the DC recommended Type Vocabulary
for dcterms:type.

So, if I was to publish a record for a human observation of a species
in nature (a dwc:Occurrence), I would populate the terms as follow
(note specifically the use of terms for type and recordClass and the
use of a string for basisOfRecord):

dcterms:type = dcmitype:Event
dwc:basisOfRecord = "HumanObservation"
dwc:recordClass = dwctype:Occurrence

For your other example I would populate the terms similarly, with:

dcterms:type = dcmitype:Event
dwc:basisOfRecord = "MachineObservation"
dwc:recordClass = dwctype:Occurrence

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 2:24 AM, Gregor Hagedorn <g.m.hagedorn at gmail.com> wrote:
> John, yes, I was confused about the intended solution. I did not
> understand the text introduced with "The following may be confusing" -
> it is confusing to me, I don't understand which conclusion you draw
> from this. But you warned us, so I ignored this, and it probably does
> not matter here.
> With respect to the Oct. 24th mail I see that I was reading too fast,
> and I based my understanding on the wrong of the two solutions for one
> of the examples (reading too fast, my fault!). This one is clear:
> John writes:
>> For UC-Steve2 the Alaska museum of the North should have an Occurrence
>> record for that specimen with:
>> dcterms:type = "PhysicalObject"
>> dwc:basisOfRecord = "PreservedSpecimen"
>> dwc:recordClass = "Occurrence"
> I cannot find the relation of HumanObservation / Machine Observation
> to dcterms:type spelled out. Do you propose
>> dcterms:type = "Event"
>> dwc:basisOfRecord = "HumanObservation"
>> dwc:recordClass = "Occurrence"
> for unvouchered (no image) observations, and potentially
>> dcterms:type = "Dataset"
>> dwc:basisOfRecord = "MachineObservation"
>> dwc:recordClass = "Occurrence"
> Sorry for email noise by not reading carefully enough!
> Gregor

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