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We had an informal meeting to discuss SPM at the TDWG meeting in Australia.
In order to move the standard forward, I agreed to help coordinate future
development of the standard. At the next TDWG meeting we should have a more
formal session to do some real work on the standard. However, there are a
few things we can do in advance. 1) we can rejuvenate this mailing list,
making sure that everyone who wants to be involved is part of the
discussion, and 2) we can have a side meeting at the e-Biosphere meeting in
London June 1-3. My understanding is that there are free spaces available
for this and I will look into availability and timing.


How many people on this list would be able (and interested) to attend such a
meeting? Those who are not already planning to be at e-Biosphere we could
involve via the mailing list.




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