[tdwg-content] DwC review: comments

Nico Cellinese ncellinese at flmnh.ufl.edu
Sat Aug 8 19:09:21 CEST 2009


I am kind of late with this but I think still in time to drop a couple  
of comments about nomenclature before the review  deadline.  I think  
that phylogenetic nomenclature is not well accounted for.  Clade names  
could be well accommodated right now, however, the types of  
phylogenetic definitions are not (node-based, branch-based, apomorphy- 
based and variations).  There could be a few options on how to handle  
these (e.g., with annotations) , but I wanted to make sure that there  
is a will to take the PhyloCode into consideration.  The phylogenetics  
community is using these names that are now slowly being published.  
Next year, after the Code will be published, many more names will be  
formally recognized and used in databases.  This issue will have to be  
faced at some point, so why not right away.  Any comments on this?   


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