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Roderic Page r.page at bio.gla.ac.uk
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One minor quibble about the metadata these LSIDs serve. The date in  
"dcterms" created doesn't conform to "best practice" (ghastly term).  
Dublin Core recommends using a scheme such as ISO 8601 (see http:// 

Dates such as "8/24/07 8:59 AM" in urn:lsid:cate- 
araceae.org:taxonconcepts:274386 can cause confusion (e.g., what time  
zone is being used? is the first digit a month or a day?, etc.).  
Something like

2007-08-27T08:59Z is unambiguous and computer friendly.

I only bring this up as anybody who was going to make use of these  
dates would have the painful task of fixing them. Let's try and avoid  
the mess that DiGIR providers have lumbered us with (see http:// 
semant.blogspot.com/2006/11/damn-digir.html ).

On 8 Oct 2007, at 15:10, Benjamin Clark wrote:

> Dear All,
>          I thought I would chip in and say that the two CATE  
> websites are
> resolving LSIDs for taxon concepts, and returning metadata typed  
> according
> to http://rs.tdwg.org/ontology/voc/TaxonConcept. Their urls are
> http://www.cate-araceae.org which is a web-revision of the Araceae  
> (Arums
> and relatives) and http://www.cate-sphingidae.org which is a web- 
> revision of
> the Sphingidae (Hawkmoths). In each case, we're returing the  
> concept sensu
> the web-revision, rather than a paper publication, which means that  
> it is
> the name as used by the editorial boards of the websites and  
> published on
> the pages of the website. It is the intention to extend this group  
> through
> the addition of an open peer-review process (see
> http://www.cate-project.org).
> At the moment, we're only returning taxon concepts, name strings, a  
> link to
> the taxon page on the website, and taxonomic relationships to other  
> taxon
> concepts (child taxa and synonyms). The Araceae site also returns  
> IPNI lsids
> where we've been able to match the name to a name in IPNI. We'd  
> like to do
> the same for the sphingids if an authority for sphingid names becomes
> available. We've got lots of descriptive information as well, and I  
> expect
> that we'll use the SPM to make that available eventually.
> Cheers,
>        Ben
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