[taxon-data-model] RE: [taxon-model] Taxon Data Model list now operational

Eamonn O Tuama eotuama at gbif.org
Fri May 25 17:31:19 CEST 2007

After some discussion on the TDWG convenors list we have changed what we
were originally calling "Taxon Data Model" to "Species Profile Model" to
disambiguate it from other TDWG standards. The message was that we should
keep it as clear and simple as possible and that, while we might be dealing
with taxanomic groups other than species, this latter term, rather than
"taxon", was best.


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Hi All,

There is a tentative schedule for the TDWG conference in Bratislava, 16-23
September on:

Included are two slots of particular interest to our Taxon Data Model (most
likely to be changed yet again to "Taxon Information Model" to avoid
confusion with taxonomy models):

Tuesday 16.00-18.00 Tuesday 18 Sept:
Group meetings: a block of time for interest and task or joint group

Wednesday 08.30-10.00 Wednesday 19 Sept:
Special session devoted to Taxon Data Model

I'd like to get an idea of numbers interested in attending these sessions so
let me know if you and/or colleagues plan to attend the conference. It will
be a good opportunity to report on progress and, most importantly, hold
discussions with other groups whose interests overlap with ours.

Best regards,


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